Kill industrial style

It deserves it. It has serve us so long that now it can only get from us death.

<<Industrial design must die>>

I’m not talking about this [>], of course. I am talking about that aesthetics used and abused by the Micro$oft “artists” and then by a huge amount of projects like GNOME itself. Remember Redmond style in Win? I talk about that.



Defined by cold solid colours and arrogantly showing not a single bit of glamour the industrial design was born as a revolution that fitted the closed mind of the Spartan industry way of working (just profit, nothing that gives no money) and pleased the eyes of million of people who by the first time in their lifes started to use technology.

But it was made to remain here with us. Proof of this is the permanent obsession to remake over and over again skins for hundred of software to fit Redmond stylistic guides and even to cross frontiers and convert any OS into a Windows like environment. Even others insist in this obsession and, going miles and miles in the wrong direction, state that for Linux to gain ‘the battle’ must be Windows Like, in every single aspect: in look, shape and behaviour.


Linux does not deserve this: to be considered a crappy copy of a worse product. And be sure that the ‘technique’ appointed before only leads to this. If you are seen as a looser you are never going to be a winner, despite of you being the first.

Observe the reality, get ride of the past, differentiate, innovate, revolutionise, and give a solution for the real necessities and then, only then, win. I want Linux to win and I don’t want it to be a copy of OSX, XP, Vista… I want it to be unique.

Let industrial design die with all it philosophy.


Darwin in the code

Life has its own code, a mutable code. This code is built up of a chemicals and it’s under the pressure of Nature, which in the end leads to the mutable nature of Life. OSs are code built up of lines of code and its code is mutable. Just as Life. Developers made it change and industry and home users impulse that changes. So, the laws of nature can be applied here. I think so, Linus Torlvald words in here [>] reinforce this very concept.

I was bitten


I’m sure I caught something. There’s no doubt. I might be some kind of virus or maybe some yet unknown disease. My thoughts have changed, at the eyes of others my behaviour has become unreasonable and the worst of everything is that I don’t want to do anything about it. I feel good, sickly good.

I was bitten by a penguin, a penguin called Linux and since then I found how good is to be free. These are the stories of my sickness.